5 Questions That Manufacturing Leaders Need To Ask Themselves Now

Episode 128 | Challenges: Leadership

Hello Metalworking Nation and Happy Thanksgiving from MakingChips!

Where do you see your manufacturing business in the next five years? Do you have a vision of your company's future? On today's episode, Jim & Jason share 5 Questions that Manufacturing Leaders need to ask themselves right now. In manufacturing news, we talk about a groundbreaking new surgical procedure and how it relates to manufacturing. Jim and Jason also share their plans for Thanksgiving, and news related to their business and family.

Episode Outline:
[00:01] IMTS 2018 - Register Today
[02:44]  Thanksgiving
[05:24]  Manufacturing News
[08:55]  What’s New With Jim
[11:04]  Mission and Vision Statement
[15:56]  Vision of Your Future
[19:58]  Technology Advancements
[21:27]  Communicating to the Marketplace
[22:56]  Lead, Manage, and Hold People Accountable
[30:10]  Scaling your Business

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TMA Illinois
Manufacturing News
Cruial Conversations

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