6 reasons why every manufacturing leader should be on LinkedIn

Episode 24 | Challenges: Growth Technology

That’s how strongly Jim feels about the power of having a presence on LinkedIn. It’s not just for job-seekers, it’s for anyone who wants to engage in dialogue and exchange of information in a business niche. Manufacturing is one of those and you might be surprised at the amount of information flowing back and forth behind the scenes through the LinkedIn network.

In this episode, Jim and Jason are going to walk you through 6 reasons you need to be on LinkedIn if you are (or want to be) a leader in the manufacturing industry. Some of these may seem like common sense, but others will surprise you.

Don’t neglect the conversations that are already happening on LinkedIn. You never know when you’re going to have the opportunity to get involved in a conversation, provide an answer to a question from your area of expertise, and as a result become known as a leader in your niche of the industry. That puts you on the radar of more people which eventually translates into sales, consulting and speaking opportunities, and who knows what else.

To top off the episode the guys are going to fill you in on 7 quick ways you can get started with LinkedIn (or get restarted) that will make it easy and smooth.

You owe it to yourself and to your company to create a strong LinkedIn profile and get involved in the conversations going on within the manufacturing industry on LinkedIn. It’s free, it takes only a small amount of time, and can be leveraged to great value in your manufacturing business. Listen in on this episode of MakingChips to find out how you can ramp up your LinkedIn activity and benefit your business.

Here’s the outline of this conversation about LinkedIn

  • Manufacturing news updates
  • Why LinkedIn is a powerful tool for manufacturing leaders
  • Relevancy matters - putting yourself on the radar of others in the industry
  • Connect with business partners
  • Building a digital “rolodex”
  • Create a platform for “thought leadership” in the manufacturing industry
  • Share what you do and create engagement with others in the industry
  • Drive traffic, inquiries, and sales
  • How to get started or restarted on LinkedIn (7 helpful tips)

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[shareable]LinkedIn is a powerful way to become known as a leader in the manufacturing industry[/shareable]

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