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7 Different Ways to Avoid Nepotism

Tags: Published On: Jul 19, 2016 8:18:10 PM

It is not unusual for multiple members of a family to work at the same business.  However, such situations can be troublesome if the relationships give rise to suspicions of favoritism or unfair treatment. We see this a lot in family business, government, everywhere.  After all, it’s in our human nature to help those we love and who are like us but is it good for the business? What should your company do to avoid nepotism?

"Growing up [in the family business], you were very cognizant of the fact that employees thought you were being treated in a different way."  Jim Carr

On this episode of MakingChips, Jim & Jason share their experiences with family in the business and lay out 7 different ways to avoid nepotism in the workplace.

Episode Structure:

  • [02:15]  Sandvik Coromant Video
  • [03:22]  Manufacturing News
  • [05:56]  Listener Email
  • [10:00]  What is Nepotism?
  • [13:36]  Seperation
  • [19:00]  Evaluation
  • [20:02]  Hiring Process
  • [24:30]  Conclusion of Episode
Mentioned in this Episode:
Ways to Avoid Nepotism:
  1. Reinforce that being a part of the family or a friend may get you in the door, but you have to perform - and probably to a higher level and without as much praise.
  2. Owner separation from job role - starts at the top.
  3. Clear and consistent manner of evaluation backed up by data and multiple examples as evidence.
  4. Job description that includes specific goals.
  5. Stated hiring process.
  6. Exclude family members from awards & contests.
  7. Family members should work somewhere else first - in relation to younger workers.

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