7 Ways To Lead Like An Airline Executive (Satire)

Episode 112 | Challenges: Leadership

In business, we all know things don’t always go the way they’re supposed to. Shipments become delayed, orders aren’t finished on time, and plans can change in an instant. Sometimes you can’t keep up with your end of the transaction. So what is the appropriate way to respond to these unfortunate occasions, even if they’re out of your hands? Maybe we can all learn something from the major airlines on how (not) to handle these instances.

On this satirical episode of MakingChips, we list 7 Ways To Lead Like An Airline Executive. Jason highlights his experience dealing with a major airline company after an abrupt cancellation forces him to change his vacation plans. In manufacturing news, we talk about how 'Made in China' could soon be made in the US.

Episode Structure
[02:30] - People Getting The Word Out
[03:15] - Manufacturing News
[07:41] - First Birthday
[10:15] - Completely Disconnect
[13:10] - Do The Right Thing
[16:20] - Less Than Human
[20:13] - 100% Capacity
[24:00] - Process Oriented
[27:30] - Paying For Lost Time

Links - Mentioned in this Episode
Manufacturing News
The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII)

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