A Culture of How-To with Haas Automation w/ Scott Gasich

Series: IMTS Live - 2016 Guests: Scott Gasich

Hello Metalworking Nation! Today on MakingChips, we speak with Scott Gasich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Haas Automation. Haas Automation is an American machine tool builder that designs and manufactures precision machine tools and specialized accessory tooling. Haas is one of the largest machine tool builders in the world by total unit volume.

Starting with company culture, Scott gives us insight into what drives Haas to continue being the largest, most modern machine tool manufacturing operation in the United States. We also discuss how Haas is bridging the generational gap in manufacturing, using the power of video content to educate workers of all ages.

Episode Structure:
[02:20] - Welcome Scott Gasich
[03:30] - Keeping it Simple
[05:15] - The Story of Gene Haas
[07:50] - Haas Culture
[10:10] - The Practical Experience
[11:23] - Bridging the Generational Gap
[13:45] - Intuitiveness
[15:50] - The Power of Video Content
[18:40] - Providing Speed
[20:01] - MT Connect
[21:12] - Conclusion of Episode

Mentioned in this Episode:
• Haas Automation
• Haas Tips of the Day | YouTube
• Haas Automation Resource Center
• Scott Gasich | LinkedIn

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