A Driven Process for Manufacturing Sales

Episode 131 | Challenges: Growth Process

Guests: Phil Sponsler, David Shirkey

Hello Metalworking Nation! On today’s episode, we welcome two very special guests from Orbitform to the MakingChips Podcast. We are pleased to welcome Phil Sponsler (President of Orbitform) and David Shirkey (Manager of Strategic Initiatives). Orbitform (Jackson, Michigan) manufacturers custom assembly machines and assembly systems to customers and industries around the world.

Phil and David tell us the story of how Orbitform was started and how they got involved with the company. We'll hear some insights on Orbitform's remarkable success following the great recession and how they developed an internal CRM software system that created unprecedented efficiency in their business. In Manufacturing News, we continue to talk about the industry's growing optimism as U.S. Manufacturing accelerates to it's best year in over a decade.

Episode Outline:
[00:01] – IMTS 2018
[03:50] – Manufacturing News
[04:43] – Anything New at ZENGERS?
[07:06] – What’s New With Jim?
[08:50] – Introducing David Shirkey
[09:39] – Introducing Phil Sponsler
[10:38] – The Story of Orbitform
[11:38] – What Is Orbital Riveting
[16:27] – Coming Out of the Recession
[17:49] – Phil’s Initial Journey
[19:14] – Marketing vs Sales Driven
[20:41] – Driven Process
[22:15] – Orbistix Mission
[24:21] – What is a “Form Fix”
[26:20] – Orbitform’s CRM Efficiency
[31:43] – 98% Utilization

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Eli (Eliyahu) Goldratt “The Goal”
Phil Sponsler | LinkedIn
David Shirkey | LinkedIn

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