A Prag'madik Way To Elevate Yourself and Your Manufacturing Company w/ Andrea Olson

Episode 106 | Challenges: Leadership Process

Guests: Andrea Olson

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are thrilled to bring in a very special guest this week; someone who we truly believe can help elevate your leadership to the next level. Today we welcome Andrea Olsonfounder and CEO of Prag'madik. Prag'madik  works with technology companies, industrial manufacturers, and professional service companies that are facing challenges to growth, and looking to make their operations more efficient and effective.

On this episode we'll discuss and evaluate several different components of leadership; including hot button topics such as being pragmatic in your leadership role, establishing your company culture, and mitigating setbacks. Later on, Andrea takes us through three bullet points that you can start using to become a better manufacturing leader immediately. In manufacturing news we'll talk about U.S. manufacturing's robust growth in March 2017, and Jim makes a bet with Jason live on air.

Episode Outline:
[00:01] - DMG MORI Innovation Days
[02:40] - Manufacturing News
[06:11] - Vacation
[08:36] - Introducing Andrea Olson
[11:35] - Systematizing Issues
[12:30] - MachineMetrics
[13:55] - Recognizing Deficits
[17:01] - Defining Your Role
[20:30] - Superhero Complex
[23:02] - Parent/Child Perspective
[25:13] - Defining Culture
[29:38] - Mitigating Setbacks
[35:03] - Front of House Deficiencies
[38:30] - Being a Better Manufacturing Leader
[43:22] - Conclusion of Episode

Mentioned in this Episode:
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Manufacturing News
Andrea Olson | LinkedIn
MachineMetrics - Take 10% Off

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