A Robust Conversation About Digitally Connected Solutions Made Ready for Industry 4.0 w/ Jeff Rizzie

Episode 96 | Challenges: Technology

Guests: Jeff Rizzie

"My first clue that we need to do something different is when I'm told that we’ve done it that way for 20 years.” - Jeff Rizzie

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are glad to have you back for another episode of MakingChips. We have an exciting episode in store for you today as we welcome back Jeff RizzieSr. Manager of Business Development at Sandvik Coromant. Jeff is a veteran in the manufacturing industry. Starting in the early 80s’ as a machinist and working through various roles on the shop floor, he segued into various technical and strategic leadership roles for the major players – Sandvik Coromant, Mazak and Emerson Electric. Jeff joins us for a robust conversation about the future of manufacturing, as he introduces Sandvik's new open platform, The CoroPlus. We also get a chance to talk with Chuck Rigali of Alro Steel, as he stops by our MakingChips Studio.

Other topics of discussion in this episode include our future trip to Sacramento, what manufacturers do with their data, the different ways we consume information, and what a state's favorite car says about who they vote for. In Manufacturing NewsJim and Jason share two different articles about GM, which leads to a discussion on the state of the media.

Episode Structure:
[01:10] - Chuck Rigali of Alro Steel
[05:45] - Approaching 100 Episodes
[07:00] - Manufacturing News (Jim)
[11:06] - Manufacturing News (Jason)
[14:20] - Newspaper & Coffee
[16:43] - Sacramento Interview
[17:40] - Welcome Back Jeff Rizzie
[21:20] - Jeff’s Role at Sandvik
[24:06] - Introducing “CoroPlus”
[26:55] - CoroPlus Tool Guide
[29:00] - Adveon
[31:50] - Gathering Additional Data
[34:25] - CoroBore Plus
[35:50] - Promos 3+
[36:30] - Advanced Machining Analytics
[39:11] - Doing Something with Data
[42:15] - Conclusion of Episode

Mentioned in this Episode:
Alro Steel
Chuck Rigali | LinkedIn
Manufacturing News (Jim)
Manufacturing News (Jason)
Titan Gilroy
MC074: How Digitization Will Affect Manufacturing with Jeff Rizzie
Jeff Rizzie | LinkedIn
Sandvik Coromant

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