A Woman with Manufacturing Dreams: A conversation with Michelle Mabry

Episode 39 | Challenges: Leadership

Guests: Michelle Mabry


Outline of this episode

  • [1:06] The upcoming Mazak event, “Mazak Discover 2015” - click to register for this incredible event.
  • [3:12] Introduction to this episode: An inspiring story about following your passion!
  • [3:45] Industry news - Jim and Jason's participation on a panel at DMDII discussing smart manufacturing, and Jason’s journey in working through some acquisitions for his company.
  • [6:10] Introduction of today’s guest: Michelle Mabry.
  • [7:50] Michelle’s move to Chicago as the catalyst that moved her into the field of welding.
  • [9:00] What inspired Michelle about welding?
  • [10:15] Michelle’s enrollment in a welding class: what she learned and the certifications she is earning.
  • [14:00] Michelle’s aspirations to teach welding once she’s finished with her education.
  • [16:02] Hopes for the future: Sculptures, encouraging others to consider their possibilities, and the desire to help others excel.)
  • [17:56] How to get the younger generation or women interested in the manufacturing industry.
  • [19:21] How a welding lab can breed confidence in people who otherwise might not have it.
  • [20:26] The power of manufacturing skills to give people a new lease on life and dreams for their future.
  • [22:04] What the average manufacturing employer is looking for.
  • [22:43] Michelle’s “Ah Ha!” moment when she knew manufacturing was what she wanted to do.
  • [23:20] How Michelle dealt with the naysayers.
  • [24:16] The importance of women in the manufacturing industry.

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