Additive Manufacturing

Episode 51 | Challenges: Process Technology

Some people think additive manufacturing will radically change the face of manufacturing. Although it is still a relatively new technology, additive manufacturing (also referred to as 3D Printing) has caused quite the buzz in the manufacturing community. Will additive manufacturing eventually become the way of the future, or has it's usefulness been overhyped?

“Additive can not do its adding anywhere near as fast as machining can do it’s subtracting." - Peter Zelinski

In this episode of MakingChips, we welcome back Peter Zelinski of Modern Machine Shop Magazine. Peter, Jim, and Jason discuss all things Additive Manufacturing, as well as the importance of manufacturing discussion among the presidential candidates.

“Manufacturing happens in small facilities.” -Peter Zelinski

Episode Outline:

  • [00:17] - Episode Preview
  • [01:26] - Welcome Back Pete
  • [02:00] - What Guided Pete to Manufacturing?
  • [05:30] - Additive Manufacturing
  • [07:50] - Is Additive Manufacturing Overhyped?
  • [11:30] - Additive Manufacturing Under the Radar
  • [13:00] - Modified Machines
  • [15:01] - Can Additive Encourage Domestic Production?
  • [18:00] - Presidential Candidates and Manufacturing
  • [22:40] - Prototyping vs Production
  • [24:00] - Additive vs Machining
  • [27:30] - Call to Action for Listeners
  • [29:45] - How to Reach Peter Zelinski

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