Agile Automation The Compass Way with Bill Angsten

Episode | Leadership, Process

Agile Automation The Compass Way with Bill Angsten
On this episode of MakingChips, we welcome to the show Bill Angsten, co-founder of Compass Automation. Compass Automation designs and builds custom equipment to automate manufacturing processes. Bill talks with us about how he started the company, what Compass Automation does differently, maintaining a strong company culture, and marketing yourself differently. In manufacturing news, we talk about Facebook's recent venture into hardware research and we share more information about our highly anticipated Leadership Series.
Episode Structure:
  • [01:50] What's New?
  • [02:35]  Manufacturing News
  • [05:40]  Leadership Series
  • [09:15]  IMTS 2016 / Sandvik Coromant
  • [11:15]  Welcome Bill Angsten
  • [12:16]  Compass Automation's Background
  • [14:30]  What Does Compass Automation Do Differently?
  • [20:04]  Hiring & Marketing
  • [24:21]  Corporate Culture
  • [26:45]  Marketing Differently
  • [28:40]  Episode Conclusion
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