ASK MAKINGCHIPS: Promoting a Positive Culture in your Work Environment

Episode 80 | Challenges: Leadership

Today on MakingChips, we answer a question from a listener and aspiring manufacturing leader named Doug. Doug asks the question: "Not being a manager yet, what can I do to promote a positive culture/work environment at work?" Jim and Jason share their respective opinions on the matter. In Manufacturing News, we talk about concerns over rising wages in the metal industry. Later on, we share some details on our Make & Elevate series, and we preview IMTS' "Miles for Manufacturing" 5K event.

Episode Structure:

  • [03:05]  Manufacturing News
  • [05:30]  Hiring Filters
  • [08:07]  Make & Elevate
  • [09:45]  IMTS 5K Run
  • [11:40]  Sandvik Infographic
  • [14:37]  Ask MakingChips
  • [19:30]  Life is Great Attitude

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