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Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back to the U.S. - the Reshoring Initiative with Harry Moser

Tags: Published On: Jul 15, 2015 4:00:11 AM

Outsourcing jobs to China and other countries used to be the most affordable option for many manufacturing companies. But changes to the global economy have caused changes that make it not only affordable, but even advantageous for U.S. Manufacturers to bring jobs home. Harry Moser is a veteran of the manufacturing industry and upon retirement he took the initiative to being an organization focused on doing exactly that. Find out more about The Reshoring Initiative and what it’s doing to promote the return of jobs to the U.S., on this episode of Making Chips.

It’s cheaper to send jobs overseas… or is it?

That used to be the wisdom of the day, but the rise in wages in China and other places has caused the advantages of offshoring jobs to diminish year after year until we’re at a place where it’s actually better to keep jobs onshore in the U.S. Harry Moser and the Reshoring Initiative have developed many great studies that show the effects of offshoring VS reshoring and are convinced that the benefits of bringing jobs home to the U.S. far outweigh the once-existing perks of sending jobs offshore. Find out how Harry’s organization is helping educate the manufacturing industry, and how you can use their free tools to determine why it might be time for your company to bring jobs home.

How can you know if it’s smarter to bring your manufacturing jobs back home?

There are so many variables in figuring out your costs for offshoring or keeping jobs in the U.S. it can be very confusing. But Harry Moser and The Reshoring Initiative are working hard to simplify the evaluation. One of the ways they’re doing that is by providing free online tools to estimate what they call “Total Cost of Ownership,” which can help you gauge the overall, true costs of bringing outsourced jobs back to the U.S. It takes into account all the variables you might encounter to provide a great overall picture of both options for comparison. Find out how to access the Total Cost of Ownership Estimator in this episode of Making Chips.

Why are many companies bringing jobs back home to the U.S.?

There are likely as many reasons as there are companies, but one of the main reasons is that companies are learning from their mistakes. Years of outsourcing manufacturing jobs has shown us the true costs of sending jobs overseas, and in many cases the advantages were not as beneficial as we once thought. Smart CEOs and owners are reassessing the choices of the past with an eye toward cutting costs through bringing jobs back to the U.S. Find out if you’ve made some of those same mistakes and how you can move toward cutting costs in your business, on this episode of Making Chips.

Webinars about reshoring manufacturing jobs

The Reshoring Initiative is doing many things to educate manufacturing leaders about the benefits of bringing jobs home, benefits that didn’t exist even 10 years ago. Harry Moser covers many of the programs and offerings the Reshoring Initiative offers in this episode of Making Chips. One of those resources we’d like to highlight are the many webinars they’ve held to make the case for reshoring. You can find those webinars on the Reshoring Initiative website ( ) and find out more about the purpouse and goals of the Reshoring Initiative on this episode of Making Chips.

Outline of this episode

  • Welcome to the podcast - from Jason and Jim.
  • Updates from Jason about his trip to Korea - he visited a manufacturing company there (YG1).
  • Jim’s new marketing plan for Carr Machine and Tool and the revamp of the company web site.
  • Making Chips goes on the road - the grand opening of a new, innovative hardware store in San Diego, California - July 21st, 4 to 6 PM. See the invite below to meet Jim and Jason if you’re in the area.
  • Jim’s introduction of today’s guest: Harry Moser, President of “The Reshoring Initiative.”
  • What sparked Harry starting The Reshoring Initiative - practically and emotionally.
  • How does a manufacturer take advantage of the opportunity to “reshore” their manufacturing?
  • How manufacturers are able to use the Total Cost of Ownership Estimator.
  • Why it’s now possible for U.S. manufacturers to bring jobs back home (what’s happening in China - the main place jobs have been outsourced).
  • Are wages less of a factor in our day, in the U.S. and in China?
  • What is localization, and why does it matter for U.S. manufacturers?
  • How companies have learned from their mistakes when it comes to the decision to outsource manufacturing offshore or to keep it onshore.
  • How do manufacturers identify the most important factors relating to whether they should bring their manufacturing back onshore?
  • How wastes are made worse through offshoring manufacturing jobs.
  • Harry’s conversation with President Obama and what he encouraged the White House to do to bring jobs back to the U.S.
  • How to find out more about the Reshoring Initiative and how you can use their free resources to estimate your costs of reshoring outsourced jobs.

Links mentioned on this episode - The episode that covers the new innovative hardware store. (sponsor for this episode)

The Reshoring Initiative

Free Online Total Cost of Ownership Estimator

Contact Harry at

Or call us at 312-725-0245

Making Chips on the road - Tuesday, July 21st, 4 to 6 PM - 10211 Pacific Mesa Blvd, San Diego - come in and say “If you’re not making chips, you’re not making money.” and get a free T-shirt!

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