CAM Tips and Dynamic Machining with Matt Sump

Episode 15 | Challenges: Process Technology

Guests: Matt Sump

What are the 3 most important actions that manufacturers can take now to improve their utilization of Computer-Aided Manufacturing?  In this episode, we interview Matt Sump with ShopWare to discuss CAM Software and Dynamic Machining.  Jim answers the question: If you put 10 machinist in a shop and gave them a piece of material and a print, how many different ways will they produce that part?

We discuss:

  • Latest trends in CAM software
  • How tool paths are calculated
  • Radial chip thinning
  • Most efficient amount of material removal
  • Spindle speed
  • Utilizing a tooling database in CAM software
  • Machine utilization
  • Dynamic Machining versus High Speed Machining
  • Improving machining hydraulic manifolds using CAM software
  • Utilizing Dynamic Tool Paths
  • Automating existing processes with macros
  • Going beyond the basics by automating

We briefly talk about the history of how MakingChips was started.

In our Manufacturing News segment, we discuss an article declaring that US manufacturing is going extinct.  I’m going to state it here: if you remove manufacturing from the US Economy, the United States will lose 30% of its GDP.


Matt Sump


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