Considerations for Marketing Planning

Episode M118 | Challenges: Growth

Series: Marketing for Makers Guests: Julie Poulos, Kacey Keegan

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are excited to bring you another episode in our #MarketingForMakers series with Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology.  Today we welcome back Julie Poulos (Vice President) and Kacey Keegan (Content Writer & Strategist) as they equip you with the key elements to consider when planning your marketing strategy. Topics on today's episode include: creating a campaign theme, developing and distributing content, showcasing your company culture, and determining a marketing budget.

Episode Outline:
[00:00] – GFMC 2017 Conference
[03:40] – Welcome Back Julie & Kacey
[04:50] – Campaign Concept
[09:00] – Branding and Strategy Phase
[10:30] – Frequently Asked Questions
[11:50] – Case Study
[15:40] – Showcasing Culture
[20:30] – Providing Solutions
[24:15] – P.R. Opportunities
[26:43] – Tracking Leads and Budgeting
[29:35] – Shifting Our Philosophy

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