Creating a Future Workforce - How a Council of Manufacturing Leaders Takes a High School Metals Program to the Next Level - with Rob Stuebing

Episode 57 | Challenges: Workforce

Guests: Rob Stuebing

Last week, we talked with Frank Holthouse about East Leyden High School’s Metals Program, and how they are providing an environment for students to learn modern manufacturing practices. This week, we continue that discussion. What can we do to spark interest in manufacturing to the younger generation? How can you replicate the success of Leyden’s Metals Program in your own community?

“We need to see more of this in high schools … Those in the industry should be pushing their local high schools (or other outlets) ... to cater to getting more people involved in the world of manufacturing.” - Rob Stuebing

On this episode of MakingChips, we speak with Rob Stuebing. Rob is the Vice-President of Qualiseal Technology and Current Chair of the Leyden Technology Council. Rob talks with us about the inception of the council, the success of the metals program, current objectives for the organization, and enhancing your high school’s metalworking program. We also discuss manufacturing news in the current political climate.

Episode Outline:

  • [00:07] - Episode Preview
  • [01:15] - Crain’s Manufacturing
  • [02:56] - Manufacturing News
  • [05:15] - Welcoming Rob Stuebing
  • [07:10] - Leyden Technology Council  
  • [09:40] - Technology and Manufacturing Association
  • [10:10] - Inception of the Technology Council
  • [12:15] - Appealing to the Younger Generation
  • [14:50] - Objective of the Technology Council
  • [17:09] - Enhancing Your High School Metals Program
  • [18:55] - Meeting Agenda
  • [20:37] - Success Stories
  • [23:00] - Conclusion of Episode

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