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Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry with Doug Woods

On this episode of MakingChips, Jason and Jim sit down with Doug Woods, President of AMT to discuss the digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. Doug has had a lifetime of experience in manufacturing and now shares that experience with manufacturing leaders around the globe. He has a passion for innovation and for helping others integrate new technologies into their companies. Listen as Doug Woods shares his perspective on the future of manufacturing and gives tips for how your company can benefit from the digital transformation.

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What is the #digitaltransformation and how is it affecting the #manufacturing industry? Listen to this episode of #MakingChips with Doug Woods to hear the answer to those questions and much [email protected] and @JimCarr1228. #MetalWorkingNation Click To Tweet

Is there a manufacturing industry image problem?

Prior to 2008, it seemed like the entire manufacturing industry was suffering from an image problem. However, following the recession, there was a shift in focus on the importance and opportunity of manufacturing jobs in America. With the rising cost of college and the plethora of irrelevant degree fields, manufacturing is starting to recover its image. The excitement of the digital transformation is also helping to change the perception of manufacturing, especially among younger men and women.

The innovation and technologies at the forefront of the digital transformation

Every generation since Ford introduced the assembly line has considered itself to be in the era of advanced technology. However, Doug Woods explains that what makes manufacturing different now from previous generations is the speed at which technology is advancing. This rapid introduction of technology and innovation is enabling the manufacturing industry to grow and change in new and exciting ways. Doug talks about some of these specific technologies and how they are contributing to the digital transformation during this interview.

On this episode of #MakingChips,@JasonZenger and @JimCarr1228 talk with Doug Woods about whether or not the manufacturing industry’s image problem @JasonZenger and @JimCarr1228. #MetalWorkingNation Click To Tweet

Being a part of the digital transformation of manufacturing requires a strategy

New technologies are being introduced at such a fast pace that it is easy to become overwhelmed. However, there is a way to assess the opportunities that the digital transformation of manufacturing can provide for your company. The best way to prepare your company for these opportunities is by developing a strategy. Doug Woods says that you don’t have to dive into new technology all at once. He encourages leaders to assess their areas of expertise. By finding a digital solution that can enhance your position in the market, you can begin the process of transformation in your company. Listen as Doug gives more tips for introducing new technologies during this interview.

Tips for Cultivating a Positive Culture in Your Company

You spend a lot of time at work. The people you work with can become family. If you have to spend so much time with your co-workers, you should do everything you can to enjoy it. The digital transformation can help you work better and more efficiently, but it can’t create a new work culture. It is important to invest in the type of culture you want to have in your company. Doug Woods shares the four cornerstones that he has implemented into the culture of AMT. Applying these tips could motivate your employees to be better while enjoying their work more.

There is exciting new innovation and technology on the forefront of the digital transformation. Hear about many of them on the #MakingChips podcast with guest Doug Woods @JasonZenger and @JimCarr1228. #MetalWorkingNation Click To Tweet

Here’s The Good Stuff!

  • Introduction of Doug Woods, President of The Association of Manufacturing Technology
  • Doug Woods background working on the tool and die shop floor
  • How AMT serves manufacturers through industry intelligence and market access
  • Does the manufacturing industry have an image problem?
  • The innovation and technologies contributing to the digital transformation of manufacturing
  • Developing a digital strategy that will help you integrate new technologies
  • Doug Woods explains what blockchain technology is and how it is useful
  • How to implement a digital strategy by leveraging your area of expertise
  • Learning about future technology at IMTS
  • Four cornerstones of business that Doug Woods has instilled at AMT

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In order to be a part of the digital transformation of manufacturing, you need a strategy. #MakingChips is hear to help you develop one during this week’s podcast with special guest Doug Woods. Don’t miss it. @JasonZenger and @JimCarr1228.… Click To Tweet Listen to this week’s episode of #MakingChips to hear Doug Wood, President of AMT, give 4 tips for cultivating a positive culture in your company @JasonZenger and @JimCarr1228. #MetalWorkingNation Click To Tweet

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