Do’s and Don’ts of a Machinist Resume with Karla Dobbeck

Episode 78 | Challenges: Process

Guests: Karla Dobbeck
On this episode of MakingChips, we welcome back Karla Dobbeck to the show. Karla is a certified professional in Human Resource Management with over 20 years experience in many aspects of human resource management and employment law compliance issues. Karla shares some tips and tricks to help machinists elevate their resume to the next level. In manufacturing news, we talk about Tesla Motor's decision to manufacture in the United States. We speak to Brian Papke of Mazak about their booth at the upcoming IMTS 2016, and Jason lists 6 reasons why you should sign up now for our highly anticipated Make and Elevate event.
Episode Structure:
  • [01:45]  Manufacturing News
  • [05:08]  Electric Cars
  • [05:56]  American Made Cars
  • [07:34]  Make and Elevate
  • [10:50]  Mazak at IMTS 2016
  • [15:36]  News at CARR Machine
  • [17:26]  Welcome Back Karla Dobbeck
  • [21:03]  Machinists and Resumes
  • [23:01]  Customizing for the Job
  • [26:20]  Cover Letter
  • [28:55]  Application vs Resume
  • [33:09]  Conclusion of Episode
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