Economic Expectations for Manufacturing Leaders in 2018 and Beyond

Episode 125 | Challenges: Process Workforce

Guests: Bill Strauss

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are pleased to welcome back by popular demand, Bill Strauss  Senior Economist and Economic Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

On today's episode Bill shares his professional insight on several different topics relating to manufacturing and the global economy. We'll hear about manufacturing's economic performance in the U.S., the potential economic impact of new trade agreements, the current outlook of the stock market, and the lasting impact of the recent hurricanes. We also talk about the consequences of recession, and how to better position your manufacturing company to prepare for it. In manufacturing news, we discuss 3 ways to lower your manufacturing costs.

Episode Outline:
[00:01] – IMTS 2018
[03:50] – What’s New at CARR Machine
[06:07] – What’s New at ZENGERS
[08:12] – Jason’s Exciting News
[09:35] – Manufacturing News
[15:37] – Welcome Back Bill Strauss
[18:45] – Manufacturing’s Economic Performance
[20:40] – Contributing Factors
[25:16] – Trade Deals
[28:24] – The Stock Market
[31:04] – Productivity Growth in the U.S.
[33:21] – Opportunities in Recession
[36:49] – Impact of Natural Disasters
[43:16] – Fiscal Responsibility by State

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
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Gantt Chart
Seth Godin
Manufacturing News
MC071: Analyzing the Performance of the Manufacturing Sector (P1)
MC072: Analyzing the Performance of the Manufacturing Sector (P2)
Bill Strauss | LinkedIn
National Association of Credit Management: NACM
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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