From the Shop Floor to the Corner Office with Fernando Ortiz

Episode 13 | Challenges: Leadership

Guests: Fernando Ortiz

In this episode, we interview Fernando Ortiz about his inspiring rise from driver to managing Roberts Swiss, a 60 year old manufacturer of Precision Swiss Machined Parts.  Fernando gives actionable advise to others who are not born into privilege and do not have a lot of resources, but desire to seek advancement starting from the ground floor.

Fernando attributes his career success to:

  • Taking advantage of learning from every possible resource - including the people who stood in his way
  • Tackling large projects
  • Questioning the WHY behind business processes
  • Working hard and doing the right thing
  • Being the conduit of change
  • Realizing challenges as opportunities for growth
  • Bringing a culture of excellence
  • Grace

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” - John C. Maxwell (Quoted by Fernando)

In our Manufacturing News segment, we discuss an article that stated US Stocks started the year mixed because manufacturing growth stalled in December, which proves that manufacturing makes a huge difference to the US economy.


Roberts Swiss

Fernando Ortiz

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