From World War II to Today: The Metals Program at Leyden High School with Frank Holthouse

Episode 56 | Challenges: Workforce

Guests: Frank Holthouse
Just a few years ago there were stories of mass layoffs in the manufacturing industry. However, that is no longer the case. In 2015, Forbes listed Machining as one of the top 10 hardest jobs to fill in the United States. Today, Manufacturers are increasingly looking to high schools and community colleges to fill current staffing needs. Many schools are working to meet the demand by modernizing their manufacturing education programs.
We’re very proud of where we are, and where we’ve taken our program since the 1940’s." - Frank Holthouse                                                       
On this episode of MakingChips we have a conversation with  Frank Holthouse. Frank serves as the  Industrial Technology Chairperson at  East Leyden High School, where he has been teaching  for the last 10 years. Frank instructs East Leyden’s metalworking program, simply referred to as the  Metals Program. The Metals Program provides opportunities for students to learn about modern technical practices, industrial organizations, and the role of technology in our industrial society. Students are encouraged to explore several courses, specialize in a specific course area, and ultimately participate in the school/industry cooperative work program.
Episode Outline:
[00:07] - Episode Preview
[01:00] - Crain’s Manufacturers Summit
[02:18] - Manufacturing News
[04:15] - Welcome Frank Holthouse
[05:20] - Industrial Program at East Leyden H.S.
[09:08] - Machines in the Shop
[10:21] - Enrolling in the Metalworking Program
[13:15] - Safety and Measurements
[15:00] - Structure of Metals Class
[16:55] - Fundamental Machining Skills
[17:40] - Jim’s High School Experience
[20:45] - NIMS Credentials
[22:25] - Marketing the Program
[25:20] - Challenges of Running the Program
[26:45] - Size of Metalworking Program
[27:30] - Success Story
[30:10] - Conclusion of Episode
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