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Growing your Manufacturing Business Through Acquisitions with Tom Hilaris

Tags: Published On: Sep 9, 2015 5:00:41 AM

Welcome to Episode 38 of the MakingChips podcast.  In this episode Jason Zenger and Jim Carr discuss growth through acquisitions in the manufacturing industry with Tom Hilaris of Ergoseal.


Outline of this episode

  • [1:17] Extended promotion of from Thyssen Krupp (sponsor). Get your 15% discount by using the code CHIPS2 (through September 2015)
  • [3:12] Business news: Acquiring a new business as part of your current business?
  • [5:17] Introduction of our Guest: Tom Hilaris, CEO of Ergoseal.
  • [6:16] Tom’s recent experience acquiring companies to add to his present company.
  • [7:12] The motivations involved in buying and selling companies.
  • [8:29] The steps Tom took to begin acquiring companies and how they navigated the journey.
  • [9:34] What is an acquisitions advisor? How does his role help in the process of acquiring a company?
  • [11:24] Gaining a product line through an acquisition - the benefits Tom experienced.
  • [12:31] How gaining the customer list of an acquired company boosted sales, etc.
  • [14:11] Tom’s decision to acquire a second company that was in the same building his company was in.
  • [15:22] How an acquisition could be a good option for older owners who are thinking of liquidating.
  • [15:59] How the advisor helped them determine the costs and projections for the acquisition.
  • [18:09] What is the best approach to finding funding for a company acquisition, and what hurdles or roadblocks might you experience?
  • [21:50] The impact federal regulations have on business financing for acquisitions and growth.
  • [22:47] The 3 fundamentals to consider when thinking about an acquisition of another company.
  • [25:07] Be careful of the overall costs - add 30%.
  • [27:40] Tom’s plans for further acquisitions.
  • [28:44] Contact Tom Hilaris on LinkedIn.
  • [29:19] Please comment or interact about these issues on the show notes page

Links mentioned in this episode

Connect with Tom Hilaris through his LinkedIn Profile -

Tom’s company - Ergoseal -

Or call us at 312-725-0245

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