How a Former Machinist is Seeking to Empower the Shop Floor: Machine Monitoring with MachineMetrics

Episode 104 | Challenges: Technology

Guests: Eric Fogg

Hello Metalworking Nation! Today we welcome Eric Fogg, Co-Founder and Partner of MachineMetrics, to the MakingChips Podcast. Eric started as a CNC machinist and identified an area in the throughput process that he believes can significantly help increase spindle uptime through a machine monitoring system called "MachineMetrics". MachineMetrics is a cloud solution that improves transparency and production efficiency for manufacturing facilities by automatically collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data from people, parts, and machines. Eric tells his story and shares the benefits of the system. He’s traveled all the way from Boston, Massachusetts to join us today and we are thrilled to have him in our studio.

Episode Outline:
[01:45] - Birthday and Books
[03:30] - Manufacturing News
[08:25] - DMG MORI - Innovation Days
[10:18] - Introducing Eric Fogg
[10:42] - The “A-ha” Moment
[14:10] - Machine Metrics
[17:35] - Providing Useful Data
[19:16] - Success Stories
[22:00] - Building the Dashboard
[26:04] - Focus on Production
[30:15] - Empowering the Employee
[34:49] - Customer Benefits
[36:20] - The Right Shop
[38:30] - Customer Success Managers
[40:25] - Tracking Utilization
[42:57] - Money Back Guarantee
[45:28] - Marketing Series w/ Red Caffeine
[46:10] - Make & Elevate | MakingChips TV

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