How Digitization Will Affect Manufacturing with Jeff Rizzie

Episode 74 | Challenges: Technology

How is digital manufacturing going to affect the modern machine shop?

On this episode of MakingChips, we are joined by Jeff Rizzie, Senior Manager of Business Development at Sandvik Coromant. Jeff talks with us about the next phase of digital manufacturing and what changes we can expect to see in the future in terms of process improvement and efficiency. He also shares some key steps to help you start digitizing in your manufacturing shop. In manufacturing news, we talk about open-book management and what one firm is doing to help implement that system. Also discussed is the highly anticipated Mastermind Series and Workshop, as well as the upcoming IMTS 2016.

Episode Structure:

  • [01:35]  Audio/Video
  • [02:45]  Manufacturing News
  • [07:53]  Mastermind Series and Workshop
  • [11:11]  What’s Going On at ZENGERS
  • [14:55] – Welcome Jeff Rizzie
  • [16:30]  What Is the Future of Manufacturing?
  • [21:45]  Process vs Discreet Manufacturing
  • [24:40]  Key Steps to Start Digitizing
  • [29:01]  Extracting Information from a CNC
  • [31:38]  Process Improvements / Efficiency
  • [37:05]  Sensors and Extra Technology
  • [41:20]  Conclusion of Episode

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