How Do You Judge Your Personal Success?

Episode 113 | Challenges: Leadership

Success is one of those concepts that we all understand, and yet, in reality it means something different to each individual. For some, it is financial, for others it is freedom to be able to lead a certain lifestyle.

On this episode of MakingChips, we examine the concept of personal success as Jim and Jason ask: "What does success look like for you, and have you achieved it?”. Jim Carr makes an appearance in this week’s manufacturing news as we discuss Illinois’ personal income growth.

Episode Structure
02:30] - Manufacturing News
[09:00] - The Drought of 1988
[12:00] - What’s New at ZENGERS
[13:00] - What’s New at Carr Machine
[15:30] - Business Has Changed
[23:50] - Bringing in New Technology
[25:00] - Longterm Goals
[29:00] - Outsourcing
[31:20] - What Does Success Look Like For Me?
[35:10] - iTunes Review

Links - Mentioned in this Episode
Manufacturing News
The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII)
iTunes Review | MakingChips

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