How GT Automation Uses Xometry to Increase Sales

Episode 122 | Challenges: Technology

Guests: Michael Dickson

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are broadcasting remotely from a Xometry Vendor Partner, GT Automation Group in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Today we welcome Steve Gildea, President at GT Automation and Michael Dickson, VP of Customer and Partner Success at Xometry to the MakingChips Podcast, as they give us a deeper dive into the Xometry brand.

We'll hear about the impact that Xometry has had on GT Automation as Steve walks us through the process that Xometry provides GT Automation to view and accept work. Michael explains the benefits of the Xometry Partner Network, and shares some insight as to what sets Xometry apart from the competition. In manufacturing news, we discuss 4 Keys to Boosting Workplace Culture in Manufacturing.

Episode Outline:
[00:01] – GFMC 2017
[03:00] – What’s New with Jim & Jason?
[05:17] – Manufacturing News
[11:19] – New Orleans
[12:51] – Introducing Xometry
[18:43] – Welcome Michael Dickson
[20:45] – Xometry’s Algorithm
[24:00] – Welcome Steve Gildea
[26:00] – The Job Process and Partner Network
[32:50] – Shipping and Payment
[34:56] – Farming Out Work
[38:45] – Variety of Work
[41:26] – The Xometry Difference

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