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How Manufacturing Education Will Transform The Industry with Aneesa Muthana

Tags: Published On: Jun 7, 2018 3:10:58 PM

Few people are champions of manufacturing education like Jim's guest on this episode of MakingChips, Aneesa Muthana. Aneesa began working in her father's manufacturing shop when she was a very young girl, answering phones and making chips of her own. She has grown up with a deep understanding of what makes the manufacturing industry special and now, as President of Pioneer Service she is a true champion of educating the public about the inspirational meaning behind being a manufacturer. This is an inspiring conversation that you won't want to miss.

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As Manufacturers We Have A Responsibility to Educate The Public

The belief that many parents have - that their children need to go to college in order to get a good job - is fine for as far as that goes, but as Aneesa points out in this conversation, it leaves out the very real and profitable possibilities that the manufacturing industry provides. Aneesa believes that the average person doesn't understand the true purpose and contributions that are made by the manufacturing industry and that every person who works within the industry has a responsibility to educate those around them in order to raise the level of understanding about the vital nature of what manufacturers do. Don't miss this challenging conversation.

Every Day Is Manufacturing Day At Pioneer Service

Manufacturing Day℠ is a celebration of modern manufacturing that is organized to educate and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. The first Friday in October is when the official celebration occurs, but because she is so passionate about manufacturing and equipping the next generation of manufacturers, Aneesa says that every day is manufacturing day at her shop. The doors of Pioneer Service are always open to community leaders, newspapers, school groups, and anyone else who desires to learn about manufacturing. Aneesa’s enthusiasm is contagious, so listen to this episode to be inspired by her story and her efforts at raising the awareness of the importance of manufacturing.

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The Challenge of Equipping A Trained Workforce Is Real

During this conversation, Jim asks Aneesa about her biggest concerns regarding the future of the manufacturing industry. Like many of us, she believes that the challenge to equip and raise up the next generation as a trained manufacturing workforce is a formidable challenge that we must take seriously. She is doing her part in her own community and on a national stage and shares how she is encouraging education and mobilization on behalf of the manufacturing industry.

Children Today Need To Be Taught The Inspiration In Being A Maker

It’s interesting to note that when you ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up, they typically mention policemen, doctors, firemen, etc. Why don’t they mention being a manufacturer? Aneesa believes it is because the education that should be happening about manufacturing's vital role in our culture is lacking. She encourages every opportunity for children to be taught about the inspirational role that makers are able to play in the creation of instrumentation that launches people into outer space, or the development of inventions that help to cure cancer. Being a part of those world-changing things is a worthwhile endeavor that children need to know about. Hear Aneesa’s story and how she became so passionate about the manufacturing industry, on this episode of MakingChips.

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Here’s The Good Stuff!

  • [0:45] The excitement about the future of the manufacturing industry
  • [3:31] Aneesa Muthana - Stereotype destroyer extraordinaire: her story
  • [7:30] From working in her father’s business to President of her Uncle’s company
  • [10:55] Raising prices to become profitable, cold calling to gain new business
  • [12:43] The impact of the great recession on Pioneer: Aneesa’s willingness to change
  • [16:02] Manufacturing has a purpose greater than just the business
  • [20:22] The purpose that fills Aneesa’s days and fuels her vision
  • [21:50] Why Anessa is breaking boundaries and why she does it
  • [24:20] The key things Aneesa has learned as a shop owner
  • [27:01] The vision and goals for Pioneer at this point in its history
  • [30:34] Aneesa’s efforts to build a skilled workforce
  • [35:30] What Pioneer is doing to spearhead outreach in its community
  • [37:40] Aneesa’s top 3 lessons-learned
  • [40:39] Digging deeper into Aneesa’s insights

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