How to Build an Outbound Marketing Strategy for Your Manufacturing Business, with Julie Poulos

Episode 140 | Challenges: Leadership Process

Guests: Julie Poulos

Building an outbound marketing strategy for your marketing business is crucial. The reality is that, in order to stay in business, you have to have customers. You need someone willing to buy what you are manufacturing. While it would be great to have a product or business that sells itself, more often than not there is some legwork involved in finding the people that need your product or service. Then you have to showcase your work so that they can become a customer. This means that in manufacturing, having an outbound marketing strategy is essential. It’s not always easy but it is necessary. In this week’s episode, Jason and Jim discuss how to institute a simple 3-step sales process, with Julie Poulos, Vice President at Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology . If you’re ready to step up your sales game, then be sure to tune in to this episode.

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The End Goal is to Close a Sale, So You’re Gonna Need A Plan

Every manufacturing businesses ultimate goal is to close sales. You make things so that people can buy and use them. However, closing is the last step of the process. You can’t close sales unless you have attracted potential customers. And what do you do after you’ve attracted them? You have to prove your value to the potential customers in ways that lead to closing a sale. In order to do this well, you have to have a good outbound marketing strategy. The good news is the process doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do this and MakingChips is ready to help you. Listen as Jason talks with Jule Poulos about a 3-step sales process that will help you be in a better position to do your outbound marketing in a way that enables you to close sales.

Julie’s 3-step process: Identify Your Best Customers, Warm Them Up, Then Make the Call

You don’t have to have a thousand potential clients or customers. But you do need a list. When developing an effective outbound marketing strategy, start with what you know about your best customers to help you develop a good customer profile. Channel your marketing energy and resources where you’ll see the most likely returns. Narrow your list down to the handful leads that seem most promising. Do your homework on those customers in order to show them how you can offer them value.The key is to be intentional and specific. In this episode, Julie gives tips on how to create what she calls an ”intentional warm” across 4-8 weeks. You will learn how to make your outbound marketing strategy more targeted and natural. Then after “warming” the potential customer, you can call with confidence and get one step closer to converting a lead into a customer.

The end goal of #manufacturing is to close sales, so you’re gonna need a plan. Start developing yours by listening to this week’s episode of #MakingChips with @JasonZenger, @JimCarr1228, and @Poulos_Julie #CNC #Manufacturing #MetalWorkingNation Click To Tweet

What Do You Do Once You’ve Warmed Up a Prospect?

One of the hardest parts of managing a manufacturing company’s outbound marketing strategy is knowing what to do with a potential lead after you’ve warmed them up. What’s the best way to contact them? When is the best time? There is no hard and fast way to contact a lead. It might be a phone call, email, or a LinkedIn message. Julie Poulos explains that the best rule is to approach each lead individually and give them an opportunity to respond. She gives great advice on how to be natural and authentic throughout your marketing and sales process. Julie also shares practical examples of exactly how to follow up with a lead. Hear all of this and more on this week’s episode.

An Outbound Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Have to be Intimidating or Time-Consuming

For manufacturing business owners, sales skills don’t always come naturally. Manufacturers know how to make things but going after sales can be intimidating. Also, managing the time between making products and generating sales can be overwhelming. Julie Poulos delivers a marketing strategy with a clear process and easily applicable steps. Listen as Julie and Jason give you a 3-step marketing strategy that will help you simplify your own outbound marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. Let your mind-shift about marketing and sales start today as you listen to this episode.

How can you develop an Outbound Marketing Strategy for your #manufacturing business? Find out on this episode of #MakingChips with @JasonZenger, @JimCarr1228, and @Poulos_Julie #CNC #Manufacturing #MetalWorkingNation Click To Tweet

Here’s The Good Stuff!

  • [2:38] Jason asks Jim about his sales processes and ideas
  • [6:43] Manufacturing News: Great Britain & Northern Ireland Ads for manufacturing
  • [8:31] Julie Poulos on equipping a sales team with a 3 step outbound marketing strategy
  • [12:06] What to do with a potential client list
  • [15:10] How to “warm up” the client with a personal touch
  • [18:00] Creative and intentional ways to stand out
  • [21:00] Now that the you’ve warmed the lead determine the best method of contact
  • [25:47] Following up authentically with potential clients
  • [28:30] The difficulty of manufacturing sales and how the 3 step sales process can help

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  • Julie Poulos - Vice President at Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology

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