Human-Centric Hiring with Elena Valentine

Episode 54 | Challenges: Process Technology

Guests: Elena Valentine

Finding the right person for your company is crucial for building a thriving business. When recruiting for open positions, employers look for candidates with the skills, experience, and demeanor they believe will benefit their company. That said, it isn’t always easy to identify candidates who understand the needs and expectations of the job. What can an employer do to capture and relay their company's culture to a prospective candidate, while showing them exactly what the job entails? How can you more meaningfully connect a candidate to your company?

"This is not just about building your employer brand, this is about getting quality talent in the door, so that you can get them on-board right away and build your business."          - Elena Valentine

On this episode of MakingChips, we have a conversation with Elena Valentine, CEO and Co-Founder of Skill Scout. Skill Scout uses an innovative and fresh approach to connect potential employees to companies. Elena shares some of the methods the company uses to match candidates with employers, most notably in the form of video job postings. Also discussed in this episode is the Crain’s Manufacturing Summit and Jim’s recent trip to Jackson, Michigan.  

Episode Outline:

  • [00:14] - Episode Preview
  • [01:20] - Crain’s Manufacturing
  • [03:30] - Jackson, Michigan
  • [05:40] - Welcome Elena Valentine
  • [08:58] - Attracting Talent
  • [10:20] - Bringing Job Posts to Life
  • [13:45] - Better Hiring Results
  • [16:00] - Logistics Behind the Video
  • [20:52] - How to Shoot a Good Ad
  • [23:45] - Authentic Window
  • [25:20] - Success Story
  • [27:30] - Conclusion of Episode

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