Identifying Your Marketing Technology Stack

Episode 114 | Challenges: Growth

Series: Marketing for Makers Guests: Kathy Steele

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are happy to bring you another episode of our #MarketingForMakers Series with Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology. Today we welcome back back Julie Poulos as she introduces Red Caffeine's Founder & CEO Kathy Steele.

On this episode of MakingChips, we focus on integrating technology into your business. Kathy and Julie walk us through some starting points that will equip and inspire you to identify gaps in your business technology stack. Today's discussion features an array of topics including: integrating platforms, examining financial insights, systemizing talent management, and getting your operations in order.

Episode Structure:
[04:08] – Record Download Month
[05:05] – Summertime in Chicago
[07:50] – Welcome Julie Poulos and Kathy Steele
[10:46] – Forbes Article by Kathy
[13:55] – ERP, CRM, KPI’s and Other Acronyms
[18:36] – Identifying the Gaps
[21:06] – Building Bridges
[22:14] – Systemizing Talent
[25:30] – CRM Integration
[31:00] – Tech Audit and Financial Insights
[34:05] – Get Your Operations in Order
[35:56] – “Love Your Lathe”

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology
Forbes Article by Kathy Steele
Julie Poulos |LinkedIn
Kathy Steele | LinkedIn
Red Caffeine's "Biz" Tech Stack
Red Caffeine | Tech Audit

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