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IMTS 2018 Preview with Peter Eelman

Tags: Published On: Apr 25, 2018 7:10:30 PM

Whether you are a veteran attendee of IMTS, or you are planning your first experience, this week’s episode of Making Chips is for you. For 90 years, the International Manufacturing Technology Show has been the premiere manufacturing show in North America. It takes place in Chicago on even-numbered years. Peter Eelman has been involved with IMTS for 40 years. He is the Vice President of Exhibition and Business Development for The Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT). On this episode, Peter joins Jason and Jim to give an in-depth preview of IMTS 2018.

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What makes IMTS 2018 a must-attend event

Beyond just a machine tool show, IMTS encompasses all of manufacturing technology. It is the place to learn about and experience cutting-edge manufacturing technology and innovation. The show continues to get bigger and better, featuring over a million square feet of exhibition space with 1599 exhibitors. This year's show is September 10-15 in Chicago and will further the tradition of being the number one place to discover the newest technology that is revolutionizing the industry. During his conversation with Jim and Jason, Peter Eelman reveals how IMTS 2018 is gearing up to be the best yet.

It’s all about the experience at IMTS

Throughout four buildings, there will be an exciting array of companies showing off the latest and greatest in manufacturing technology. Peter Eelman says that the exhibition space is expanding to include more CAD/CAM software and digital factory automation companies. IMTS gives you the opportunity to get to know these companies and see the products and services they offer. You can also expect to see million dollar pieces of equipment on display. Hear much more about what you can experience during Jim and Jason’s conversation with Peter Eeman.

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The exciting Emerging Technologies Center at IMTS 2018

IMTS has always been about emerging technologies. During the 2014 show, IMTS featured the world’s first 3D printed car. Peter Eelman explains how IMTS will give attendees an opportunity to explore the digital transformation of industry. You will be able to explore virtual and augmented reality and learn about the impact those technologies are having in manufacturing. Peter Eelman says that because digital manufacturing is now a reality, manufacturers should be learning as much as they can so they can begin applying it in their businesses. The Emerging Technologies Center at IMTS 2018 can give you the jump start you need.

How to maximize your IMTS 2018 experience

Peter Eelman explains that in order to have the best experience at IMTS, you have to make a plan. There is so much to see and so much ground to cover that failing to plan will leave you overwhelmed and exhausted. Prioritizing your time will help you get the most out of the show. has an invaluable tool called “My Show Planner” which was developed specifically for IMTS attendees. Plan to stay for a couple of days so that you can see all of the new and exciting technology available. Hear more about how you can maximize your IMTS 2018 experience as you listen to this episode of Making Chips.

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Here’s The Good Stuff!

  • [5:40] What’s new at Zenger’s Industrial
  • [7:11] Jason’s take on the book The 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • [8:19] Manufacturing News:Harry Moser and The Reshoring Initiative
  • [14:12] Peter Eelman, Vice President of Exhibitions and Business Development at AMT
  • [16:25] The scope and size of IMTS 2018 in comparison to past years
  • [23:13] How the layout of IMTS is different and the new business that will have exhibits
  • [27:00] Emerging technologies and innovation on display at IMTS 2018
  • [31:20] How IMTS attendees should prepare themselves
  • [38:06] The registration process for IMTS
  • [41:36] When and where you can see Jason and Jim at IMTS

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