"Life is Great!" - Developing Your Core Values

Episode 58 | Challenges: Process

A few months ago, we met with Craig Zoberis of Fusion OEM to talk about his company's Core Values. In that episode, we covered the importance of figuring out who you are as a company and what you stand for.  More than anything, being a leader is about staying true to the values and principles that you have built your company on. Leadership also imparts the responsibility of holding your vision even as it becomes more tempting to disengage and simply enjoy the fruits of success.

“You come to the point where you’ve hit a ceiling and you need to break through that ceiling. The only way to do that is to really get unified, get focused, and have a clear vision of values that the whole company is following." - Jason Zenger

On this episode of MakingChips, Jim and Jason cover the basics of developing your core values. Jason shares his process of developing ZENGERS' core values with the listeners. We also talk with John Sapiente of Trident Manufacturing, who will be a panelist at the upcoming Crain's Manufacturers Summit.

Episode Outline:

  • [00:07] - Episode Preview
  • [01:16] - Phone Interview with John Sapiente
  • [03:10] - Innovation
  • [06:50] - Growth at MakingChips
  • [08:10] - Listener Engagement
  • [10:30] - "Titan American Built"
  • [12:40] - Leave Us Feedback
  • [14:00] - Developing ZENGERS' Core Values
  • [16:50] - Interviews
  • [21:15] - Collecting Data
  • [23:40] - Core Value vs. Vision
  • [26:50] - ZENGERS' Core Values
  • [27:15] - Fusion OEM's Core Values
  • [28:18] - Life is Great!
  • [30:26] - Embodying the Core Values
  • [31:25] - Life Happens
  • [33:15] - Call to Action

ZENGERS Core Values:

  1. Do the right thing.
  2. Go above, and beyond.
  3. Be dependable.
  4. Life is great!

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