MakingChips at DMG MORI USA Innovation Days in Chicago

Episode 107 | Challenges: Technology

Guests: Thorsten Schmidt, Rick Frankowitch, Craig Van den Avont

Hello Metalworking Nation! Today we are coming to you from DMG MORI’s Innovation Days in Hoffman Estates, IL where we are pleased to welcome some very special guests to the show. On this episode we’ll be speaking with three different manufacturing leaders, and getting their perspective on hot-button topics including automation, strategic visioning, digitization, and mitigating the skills shortage.

First, we welcome Thorsten SchmidtCEO of DMG MORI USA. Thorsten touches on DMG MORI's strong focus on technology cycles, quality control, automation, and intelligent data collection. We also hear his global perspective on what differentiates good leaders from great leaders, and what they are doing to remain successful.

Next, we sit down with Rick Frankowitch, Operations Manager at Hommer Tool. Rick, a DMG MORI customer, shares his excitement about this year's Innovation Days, while offering us some insight into mitigating the skills shortage issue.

Lastly, we speak with Craig Van den AvontPresident of GAM Enterprises, Inc. and a founder & President of GAM Gear, LLC. Craig speaks about the future of automation, innovating tooling, and recruiting skilled talent.

Episode Outline:
[00:01] - Industry 4.0 / MachineMetrics
[03:40] - Manufacturing News
[05:14] - Turning Things Around
[06:15] - Welcome Thorsten Schmidt
[08:29] - Regional Focus on Technology
[10:03] - Research & Development
[13:40] - Intelligent Data
[16:55] - Long-term Strategic Vision
[19:00] - Direct To Buy Platform
[21:23] - Welcome Rick Frankowitch
[22:18] - New Software
[23:42] - Mitigating the Skills Shortage
[25:34] - Welcome Craig Van den Avont
[26:00] - State of the Art Technology
[29:11] - Recruiting the Next Generation
[33:33] - Conclusion of Episode

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