Manufacturing Culture with Cassie Haupers

Episode 73 | Challenges: Leadership

We are happy to announce that this is the first episode of MakingChips shot entirely with video. We want to thank Chuck Shroeder and IMTS for coming to our studio and making all of us look good. Video segments of this episode are soon to come.

On this episode of MakingChips, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Cassie Haupers, Vice President at Swiss Precision Machining. SPM is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that serves many different industries including: medical, dental, aerospace and automotive and fiber optics industries. Growing up in the manufacturing world, Cassie wants to continue her family tradition and build the business for the next generation.

Topics of discussion in this week's episode include:  The beauty and intricacy of Swiss machined parts, Cassie's history and background with SPM, SPM's expansion into a new facility, driving and defining company culture, overcoming bumps in the road, succession planning, communicating your vision to your company, women in manufacturing, and working with family.

Episode Structure:

  • [02:30]  Manufacturing News
  • [05:40]  Mastermind Series
  • [07:23]  IMTS 2016
  • [08:16]  Introducing Cassie Haupers
  • [10:15]  Cassie’s Progression at SPM
  • [10:40]  The Beauty and Intricacy of Swiss Machined Parts
  • [14:18]  Driving the Culture at SPM
  • [17:15]  Proving Yourself
  • [19:57]  A Fresh Start
  • [25:36]  Roadblocks and Challenges of Moving the Company
  • [31:20]  Women in Manufacturing
  • [32:45]  Background in IT
  • [35:09]  Working With Family
  • [37:15]  Conclusion of Episode

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