Narrowing Down Your Core Values

Episode 97 | Challenges: Leadership

"The way we run a business today is completely different than how my dad would run his business.” - Jim Carr

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are excited to share our collaborative wisdom with you today about a topic that we believe is one of the most important things for your company to define -- Core Values. In previous episodes, we have discussed why core values are important, as well as some strategies that can help you set your company's core values. Today, Jim takes us through the creation of Carr Machine's 10 core values while Jason critiques him, and makes suggestions on how to narrow them down. In manufacturing news, we talk about Ford's announcement to cancel a $1.6-billion plant in Mexico and to invest $700 million in metro Detroit's Flat Rock Assembly plant.

Episode Structure:
[02:22] - Manufacturing News
[06:20] - “Fake News”
[08:20] - Creating Carr Machine’s Core Values
[14:10] - The “Aha” Moment
[16:02] - Communicate
[19:25] - The Band
[22:10] - Feel Good
[25:30] - Jason’s Critique
[27:47] - First Class
[31:15] - The Ticket To Doing Business
[34:46] - Conclusion of Episode

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Manufacturing News
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