Navigating a Challenging Workforce: An Exclusive 100th Episode MakingChips Roundtable Discussion

Episode 100 | Challenges: Leadership Community Workforce Technology

Guests: Brian Panek, Jess Giudici, Bill Downey, Tom Simeone

Hello, Metalworking Nation! Today is an exciting day in the history of MakingChips as we release the highly anticipated Episode 100! We are coming to you live from the Technology & Manufacturing Association in Chicago, IL where we have assembled a round table panel of some of the most progressive manufacturing leaders in the Chicagoland area.

With us today we have return VIP guest, Brian Panek -- Vice President of Panek Precision, Jess Giudici -- Talent and Culture Manager at Smalley Steel Ring Company , Bill Downey -- President at Hi-Grade Welding & Manufacturing, and Tom Simeone -- President of Manor Tool.

On today's episode, we will be discussing one of the most challenging topics that people are talking about right now --  workforce development, training, and hiring. Our panel offers their insight into the issue as they discuss solutions they are implementing in their own business.

Episode Outline:
[02:20] - MakingChips TV
[05:30] - Introduction of our Panel Guests
[09:15] - One Word for Workforce Development
[10:08] - “Challenging”
[16:42] - Finding the Next Manufacturing Leaders
[24:15] - Providing Opportunity within the Organization
[26:00] - Millennials vs Baby Boomers
[33:33] - Culture Means a Lot
[40:48] - A Bidding War
[47:08] - Robots in the Shop
[51:30] - Resume on your Desk
[57:25] - Reaching Other Demographics
[60:45] - Success Stories
[66:25] - Conclusion of Episode

Mentioned in this Episode:
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Panek Precision
Jess Giudici | LinkedIn
Smalley Steel Ring Company
Bill Downey | LinkedIn
Hi-Grade Welding & Manufacturing
Tom Simeone | LinkedIn
Manor Tool: Metal Stamping Company | Custom Metal Stamping
MakingChips Episode 11
East Leyden High School

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