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New Generation, New Ways w/ Nicole Wolter

Tags: Published On: Nov 2, 2016 9:53:29 AM

On this episode of MakingChips, we welcome Nicole Wolter, Vice-President of H.M. Manufacturing to the show. H.M. Manufacturing is a family-owned, gear and pulley manufacturing facility in Chicago that specializes in Custom/Standard Pulleys, Gears, Sheaves, Shafts and Pulley Stock. Today's topics of discussion include Nicole's rebranding of H.M. Manufacturing, ingenuity & innovation in machine technology, and shopping for the right machine tool.

Episode Structure:
[01:54] - Welcome Nicole Wolter
[02:35] - Nicole's IMTS Objective
[05:15] - Rebranding the Company
[07:10] - Ingenuity and Innovation
[09:30] - Shopping for a Machine Tool
[10:40] - Conclusion of Episode
Mentioned in this Episode:
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