Overtime - Privilege or Entitlement?

Episode 108 | Challenges: Leadership Workforce

Hello Metalworking Nation! We are excited to be coming to you from our brand new studio at the DMDII in Goose Island, Chicago. On this episode of MakingChips, Jim and Jason talk about overtime in the manufacturing industry. Should workers count on it as a guarantee; or should it be considered a special privilege? We also speak about industry 4.0, our new studio, family vacations, and growing pains with acquisitions. In manufacturing news, we comment on Apple CEO Tim Cook's announcement of a new fund that will invest $1 billion into U.S. companies that perform advanced manufacturing.

Episode Outline:
[00:01] - MachineMetrics
[01:50] - Our New Home
[03:00] - Manufacturing News
[07:34] - Growing Pains
[10:26] - Boston
[11:30] - Privilege or Entitlement?
[13:10] - Counting On It
[16:15] - Part of the Package
[18:55] - Work/Life Balance
[21:43] - Conclusion of Episode

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