Preparing for the IMTS Hangover

Episode 79 | Challenges: Technology

Today on MakingChips we give you an inside look at what you can expect to see at IMTS 2016. We tell you what you need to be prepared, where you can find us at the event, a brief rundown on what's happening in the four different buildings, as well as information to help you find where you're going. In Manufacturing News, we talk about the history of IMTS, and later on we reveal some exciting new details about our highly anticipated Make & Elevate Series.

Episode Structure:

  • [02:30] Manufacturing News
  • [04:40]  Being Prepared for IMTS
  • [07:20]  Find MakingChips at IMTS
  • [11:05]  Find Where You're Going
  • [14:30]  Machine Utilization
  • [17:40]  Student Summit
  • [18:35]  Make & Elevate Series
  • [23:45]  Corporate Snapshot
  • [25:00]  Conclusion of Episode

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