Rebuilding Manufacturing One Veteran At a Time - Workshops for Warriors - part 1

Episode 34 | Challenges: Community Workforce

Guests: Hernán Luis y Prado

There is a problem in the United States among Veterans of the U.S. Military

After sacrificing a great deal to protect their homeland, U.S. Veterans often struggle to find their place in civilian society. It’s especially difficult for those who are injured or disabled and come home to industries and jobs that are not suited to their newfound disability. Many fall into drug use and suicide for relief. Workshops for Warriors is the vision of a war veteran who saw the need and stepped into the gap to make a way for those oft forgotten heroes to find a place of productivity in the society they have given so much to serve. This episode of MakingChips highlights the efforts of  Hernán Luis y Prado, founder of Workshops for Warriors.

hernanA painful need, right in front of him.

Hernán Luis y Prado came face to face with the debilitating problems many wounded warriors face when trying to reintegrate into American society when he encountered a fellow serviceman who’d lost his legs in service to his country. It was at that point that he realized that many have made tremendous sacrifices in service to their country, and through nobody’s fault, are being left to fend for themselves when it comes to the rest of their lives. That’s when he began developing a plan to train and equip disabled veterans to move into the manufacturing industry as productive workers. Find out more on this episode.

How many 18 year olds are used to being responsible for million dollar pieces of equipment?

That’s a question Hernán Luis y Prado asks when he is asked why veterans make ideal candidates for important careers in the manufacturing industry. He’s making the point that their experience in the military has trained them to take technical demands and needs very seriously, and they know how to put that expertise to use. It’s second nature, and one that can be redirected to energize and reinvigorate the U.S. manufacturing industry. The slogan of Workshops for Warriors (Hernán’s organization) is, “Rebuilding Manufacturing, one veteran at a time.”  Find out how he’s doing that on this episode of Making Chips.

Manufacturing equipment, redesigned to accommodate wounded warriors.

That’s one of the many steps Workshops for Warriors has taken to make it possible for those who have given it all for their country to be able to do valuable jobs in the manufacturing industry so they can once again serve their country with distinction. WFW also provides training in many areas, computers, machinery, welding, all with a focus on enabling veterans to continue to provide value to the country in important ways. If you, or someone you know is in need of this kind of specialized training, listen to this episode to find out more about Workshops for Warrior’s varied programs.

But that’s not all of the conversation…

We’re just getting started. Part 2 of this important conversation will publish next week, and Hernán Luis y Prado will reveal more of what Workshops for Warriors is doing for disabled and returning veterans, the kinds of training they provide, and how you and others you know can get involved with their programs and training school to build a career in the manufacturing industry. It’s a continuation that you won’t want to miss, so listen to part 1 here, and watch for part 2 next week.

Outline of this episode

  • [0:01] Welcome to this episode of Making Chips - THE Podcast to equip manufacturing professionals!
  • [0:17] Introduction to today’s guest - founder of Workshop for Warriors
  • [1:04] Featured audio from Workshop for Warriors - a look into what the organization does.
  • [4:15] Introduction of Hernán Luis y Prado, founder of Workshops for Warriors.
  • [6:02] Hernan’s service in the U.S. Military and his journey to starting Workshops for Warriors.  
  • [11:42] The specialized welding equipment for disabled veterans Workshops for Warriors has created.
  • [13:28] How the dream began in Hernán’s garage and moved on from there.
  • [15:59] The U.S. problem with equipping veterans to reintegrate into society.
  • [17:45] The problem with drug abuse and crime among U.S. veterans.
  • [19:34]  Hernán’s transition to working with WFW full time.
  • [22:35] The first training programs WFW was able to begin.
  • [23:02] The Workshops for Warriors facilities - what they have and the programs veterans can take advantage of to receive training.
  • [25:34] How the U.S. Military uniquely equips veterans for the manufacturing industry.

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