Rebuilding Manufacturing One Veteran At a Time - Workshops for Warriors - part 2

Episode 35 | Challenges: Community Workforce

Guests: Hernán Luis y Prado

The last episode of Making Chips featured a conversation with Hernán Luis y Prado, U.S. veteran and founder of Workshops for Warriors. This episode is a continuation of that important conversation. Hernán is passionate to see two things: the manufacturing industry rebuilt in a sustainable, truly effective way, and the reintegration of veterans into the American society and workforce. Hear how Workshops for Warriors is doing that in their San Diego training facility and how they have achieved 100% job placement - in this episode of Making Chips.

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What should an employer consider when employing a veteran as opposed to someone else?

When Hernán Luis y Prado, the founder of Workshops for Warriors was asked that question, his answer was shocking and immediate. He said he doesn’t care who manufacturing leaders hire, he just cares that they hire and train people to prepare for the devastating problems that could hit the manufacturing industry if another huge demand were to hit. His heart is for veterans to be trained for the manufacturing industry because of their level of expertise and ability to produce on a level that is unmatched, and they are ready to be trained now. Find out more about how Hernán is changing the manufacturing industry on this episode.

Workshops for Warriors is really just a drop in the bucket.

Though the work they’re doing is amazing and powerful, Workshops for Warriors is a very small part of the help the manufacturing industry needs. At this point there are 150 locations around the United States where a similar training facility for veterans could be established and thrive. And Hernán Luis y Prado believes those 150 facilities are vitally needed. What can you do to help meet the need the manufacturing industry is facting? Find out on this episode of Making Chips.

Hernán Luis y Prado’s biggest disappointment in running Workshops for Warriors…

has been an ongoing problem since the organization first began, and it’s a responsibility he takes squarely on his own shoulders. He is disappointed that he’s been unable to effectively communicate, to successful, intelligent people, why they need to be active in ensuring that the manufacturing industry is supplied with competent, trained workers not only now, but for generations to come. In his mind, if the manufacturing leaders of today don’t get on board to help supply a vast pool of qualified workers for the industry, the entire industry will fall prey to some terrible effects in the near future. Find out more about how you can get involved, on this episode of Making Chips.

The cannibalization of the manufacturing industry is a very real possibility.

What does that mean? It means that when the demand for skilled workers for the industry is so great, like it is right now, the tendency is for the larger companies to entice workers at smaller companies away from their jobs, which clearly benefits the large company short-term, but could be a devastating blow to the smaller company, which will hurt the entire industry in the end. The fact is that there is plenty of work to go around and every company that is producing quality products is needed to meet demand. What is needed is effective and thorough training of a new workforce for the manufacturing industry, and Workshops for Warriors is leading the way. Learn how you can avoid that kind of short sightedness by supporting Workshops for Warriors, on this episode.

Outline of this episode

  • [1:06] Tyssen Krupp - Defined Vendor Management Systems for material applications.
  • [3:15] What should an employer consider when employing a veteran as opposed to someone else?
  • [3:42] The need for more manufacturing workers and the danger of cannibalization in the manufacturing industry.
  • [4:59] 100% job placement through Workshops for Warriors.
  • [5:16] The Workshop for Warriors visit to the White House.
  • [6:48] 150 locations that are ripe for another facility similar to Workshops for Warriors.
  • [9:10] The main two main pain points Workshops for Warriors has.
  • [10:05] What is needed from the manufacturing community to meet the vast need.
  • [10:35] The biggest holdup to people getting involved in training more manufacturing workers.
  • [12:39] A story of Workshops for Warriors’ success.
  • [14:16] The greatest disappointment Hernán Luis y Prado has experienced with Workshops for Warriors.
  • [15:17] The personal cost Hernán is paying to get veterans trained.
  • [15:54] Your opportunity to get involved supporting Workshops for Warriors.
  • [17:09] How you can help WFW on a political level.

Links mentioned in this episode - The Tyssen Krup website (sponsor). Use the code CHIPS2 to get 15% off! - Make your contribution to help Workshops for Warriors

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