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Shifting Gears at HM Manufacturing – When Crisis Strikes On The Shop Floor (Part 1)

Tags: Published On: Aug 2, 2017 1:11:38 AM

11Hello Metalworking Nation and greetings from our studio at the DMDII in Goose Island, Chicago.  On this two part episode of MakingChips, we welcome back Nicole Wolter, President of HM Manufacturing Company. Nicole shares the captivating story of HM Manufacturing, a company that began with her father's passion for F1 racing. The downturn of the economy in 2008 proved to be the perfect time for Nicole to enter the family business, but as she would come to find out, things weren't quite what they seemed. Nicole's questioning of all aspects of the family business led her to a startling discovery that would turn an already dire situation into a full blown crisis.

In manufacturing news, we talk about how Summer camps could be the start for the next generation's interest in the manufacturing industry.

Episode Structure:
[03:10] – 22,000 Downloads!
[03:35] – Manufacturing News
[08:30] – Half Fridays
[09:45] – Process Driven Sales
[13:20] – Welcome Nicole Wolter
[14:40] – “Home Made”
[18:05] – A Family Business
[22:03] – Getting Fired
[27:07] – Dire Situations with HM
[29:30] – “Something is Happening”
[35:01] – New Policies and Procedures

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
Manufacturing News
HM Manufacturing Company
Nicole Wolter | LinkedIn
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