Shifting Into Overdrive with Nicole Wolter – Overcoming Adversity (Part 2)

Episode 116 | Challenges: Leadership

Guests: Nicole Wolter

Hello Metalworking Nation! On today’s episode, we bring you part two of our interview with Nicole Wolter, President of HM Manufacturing. Last week we heard about a dire situation within HM Manufacturing that rocked the family business to it's core. On this episode, Nicole shares how the company recovered, implementing new procedures and processes to help lift HM to where they are today. 

Episode Structure:
[02:00] – e-Commerce
[06:03] – Social Media
[06:40] – Customer Terms in 2017
[10:49] – TMA Education Foundation
[16:00] – Dig A Little Deeper

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
HM Manufacturing
Nicole Wolter | LinkedIn
TMA Education Foundation
Marketing For Makers
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