Start Here First To Begin Marketing A Manufacturing Company w/ Julie Poulos

Episode 95 | Challenges: Growth

Series: Marketing for Makers Guests: Julie Poulos

Hello Metalworking Nation! On today's episode of MakingChips, we reunite with two time guest and longtime fan of the show, Julie Poulos, Vice President of Red Caffeine Marketing. Julie, better known as Vice Princess, Mistress of Marketing and/or Social Butterfly, loves sharing her passion for marketing + technology with anyone who is looking to move the needle in their business. Today she'll share some of her marketing knowledge that will help you develop a strategic plan for your company; starting with establishing a client profile.

Topics on today's episode include evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, analyzing new opportunities, understanding pain points, setting realistic goals, and telling your company story. In manufacturing news we'll talk about the jump in manufacturing and how it compares to the heath of the economy.

New Year, New Goals ... It all starts here.

Episode Structure:
[04:00] - Manufacturing News
[05:20] - Business at ZENGER’S
[06:45] - Exciting News at MakingChips
[09:30] - Welcome Julie Poulos
[15:50] - Take a Step Back
[18:20] - New Year New Goals
[21:55] - Self Examination
[24:30] - Realistic Opportunity
[27:17] - Business Strategic Goals
[29:00] - Pain Points
[32:45] - Big Fish, Mid-sized, and Guppies
[35:15] - Exporting Data
[38:12] - How Are You Telling Your Story?

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