Taking your corporate snapshot

Episode 22 | Challenges: Leadership Growth

Guests: Julie Poulos, Ray Ziganto

Manufacturing leaders know what they do because they do it every day. But how do you communicate your areas of specialty and expertise in a concise, powerful way so that your prospective clients are able to get it right off? That’s what a corporate snapshot is for.

In this episode of Making Chips, Jim and Jason roundtable with 2 guests who understand the importance of communicating via the corporate snapshot. Their guests are Julie Poulos (a previous guest from episode 19 of Making Chips) and Ray Ziganto (another previous guest - episode 18 of Making Chips).

Here’s a brief summary of 4 important questions that a corporate snapshot should answer:

  1. Who we are - concise conversational “elevator pitch”
  2. What we do - defining the “buckets” and descriptions for each of the products and/or services
  3. Who we serve - industries/markets and/or buyer types
  4. Why we do what we do better - competitive advantages and/or differentiators

When you’re able to clearly and accurately define and express those 4 key issues about your company you unlock the power to do a couple of very powerful things…

  • You’re equipping your employees to become “sales people” through a clear vision of what you do as a company.
  • You’re able to more quickly identify your target clients and engage them in relevant conversations about their needs.
  • You’re better able to serve your clients through knowing exactly what your services can do to meet their needs.

This episode of Making Chips is full of practical, powerful advice about why you need your own corporate snapshot and how you can develop one. Listen in to the conversation to get started on your own corporate snapshot!

Here’s the outline of the conversation about corporate snapshots

  • Introduction of the guests on this episode.
  • Metalworking tools.
  • The number one tool in your toolbox - a corporate snapshot.
  • The objective of a corporate snapshot.
  • How a corporate snapshot is the “home” for your elevator pitch.
  • 4 crucial components of a corporate snapshot - What we do - Who we are - Who we serve - Why we do it better.
  • Defining each of those 4 points in order to determine your marketing approach and target your message.
  • How a corporate snapshot empowers your employees to serve the customer.

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