The Power of a Positive Culture in Your Manufacturing Business with Matt Guse

Episode 144 | Challenges: Leadership Community Growth

Guests: Matt Guse

Developing a positive culture within your manufacturing business could be the key to reaching the next level of success with your company. On this week’s episode of MakingChips, you’ll hear from Matt Guse, President of MRS Machining in Augusta, Wisconsin. Matt took over his family manufacturing business in the late 90s after being a machinist under his Dad’s leadership. Drawing from years of experience, Matt has grown his business by creating a positive culture and work environment for his employees. His success makes him one of this year’s IMTS Rockstars. During this interview, Matt talks about the challenges he has experienced and the lessons he has learned while leading a growing manufacturing company.

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Carrying on the legacy of manufacturing

Manufacturing is largely a multi-generational, family-business industry. Many of today’s manufacturing leaders are third and fourth generation owners. MRS Machining was started by Matt Guse’s dad in the mid-1980s. Matt details how his family began the business in their garage and the factors that propelled the growth of the business. After his Mom and Dad passed away, Matt took over. He talks about the difficulties of losing his parents and the succession plan that was in place before his father passed away. He also shares keys of leading the business that he learned from his father and how they helped him develop the positive culture that is prevalent in MRS Machining today.

Learn how to build a positive culture

With his only experience being on the shop floor, Matt determined to learn as much as he could about the operational side of manufacturing. His first step was to join a peer group of business leaders in his community. Matt details what he learned by listening to the experience of others. By gaining wisdom and understanding from successful leaders, Matt was able to establish an employee friendly, positive culture in his company. Hear about the importance of being connected to a community of leaders and how that support can help you through the inevitable difficulties and challenges of manufacturing during this episode of MakingChips.

Manufacturing is largely a multi-generational family-business industry. Hear about how Matt Guse is carrying on the legacy of manufacturing with his family business during his interview on #MakingChips @JasonZenger @JimCarr1228 @GuseMrsco Click To Tweet

How to unleash the talent in your company

One key that Matt Guse reveals about developing a positive culture within your company is recruiting and maintaining talent. His goal is to discover the unique gifts his employees have so that he can empower them to excel. Creating a positive culture where people feel trusted and valued not only helps with employee morale but also helps attract quality talent. Matt says, “Your best recruiters are your current employees.” Listen as Matt shares the ways he intentionally cultivates talent at MRS during this interview.

3 keys to building a positive culture

Because running a business can be overwhelming, it is important to have a clearly defined set of directives that help keep you on target. While there are many good things you can do with your company, it is up to you to determine the best things and then drive your company to pursue them every day. Building a positive culture and work environment doesn’t happen by accident. And it doesn’t happen overnight. Matt Guse defines three keys that have impacted his company’s culture. By focusing on these three things, Matt has led MRS Machining to not only grow and produce but also to be an enjoyable place to work. Hear about these three keys and much more on this episode of MakingChips.

Where can you go to learn how to build a positive culture in your company? During this week’s #MakingChips interview, guest Matt Guse shares how he found encouragement and advice through his local community. @JasonZenger @JimCarr1228 @GuseMrsco Click To Tweet

Here’s The Good Stuff!

  • JIm and Jason talk about the multi-generational nature of manufacturing
  • Jim shares about hiring a new sales manager and the importance of brand and culture in attracting talent
  • Manufacturing News: The impact of the new tariffs on costs and supply chain
  • Introduction of Matt Guse, President of MRS Machining in Augusta, Wisconsin
  • How MRS started in a family garage and grew into full scale machining business
  • Matt Guse describes the importance of investing in technology
  • The expansion of MRS and how it navigated the recession
  • How Matt Guse took over as president of MRS and what he learned through a local community of business leaders
  • MRS’s succession plan and lessons learned after Matt’s dad was diagnosed with cancer
  • Matt shares the impact of his investment in a positive culture for his employees
  • 3 Keys to leading a successful manufacturing business

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