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The Power of Networking

Tags: Published On: Feb 13, 2015 4:50:48 PM

Who is in your network?  In this episode, we discuss the power of networking and how to properly cultivate relationships within the Metalworking Nation.

Why is networking important?  For Jim and I, our network is composed of peers who share best practices, support each other, make sales referrals AND enjoy spending time together.

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  1. Networking is a long term process.
  2. Should you stalk on LinkedIn?
  3. When you think that it is time for the hard sell…wait.
  4. Ask for an introduction.
  5. Stay within a particular circle.
  6. Don't forget follow up, but don’t hard sell.
  7. Offer free advise.
  8. Look for commonality.
  9. Collect business cards.
  10. Connect on LinkedIn right away.
  11. Give before you expect to receive.

In our Manufacturing News segment, we discuss Forbes 30 under 30 in Manufacturing.

In our Metalworking Tools segment, we discuss Lenox Circtech Precision Circular Saw Blades. More manufacturing companies are replacing band saw applications with with machines that use cermet tipped circular saw blades.


In episode 11, we are going to discuss Robotics with Brian Panek: Go to

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