The Spitfire Takes Control w/ Stacia Hobson

Episode 121 | Challenges: Leadership

Guests: Stacia Hobson

Hello Metalworking Nation! Today on MakingChips we welcome back Stacia Hobson for the second half of our two part interview. On this episode we'll hear about how her father reacted to their confrontation. Stacia also shares with us how she was able to take control of the business, what she would do differently in hindsight, how Image Industries addresses the skilled labor shortage, and we'll hear a bit about her award winning Toastmaster's speech. Later on, we'll hear from Charlie Chesbrough, Senior Economist at Cox Automotive Inc., as he gives us a preview of what he'll be speaking about at this year's GFMC Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Episode Outline:
[00:01] – GFMC 2017
[02:10] – The Reaction
[05:12] – Moving the Needle
[07:24] – From Buyer to Manufacturer
[10:32] – What Would You Do Differently?
[13:15] – Finding Capable Workers
[15:00] – Managing Price Instability
[16:46] – Xometry
[17:50] – Toastmasters Speech Contest
[22:08] – Preparing For Recession
[24:20] – Family Dynamic in Business
[26:30] – Charlie Chesbrough Phone Interview

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
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Image Industries, Inc
Xometry: CNC Machining Services & 3D Printing Services
Charles Chesbrough | LinkedIn
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