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The Third Place for Engineers with Ray Ziganto

Tags: Published On: Apr 10, 2015 6:33:52 PM

In this episode, we interview Ray Ziganto, who created a new concept called “The Hardware Store” for reaching his customers by being innovative, thinking outside the box and finding the Alpha Engineer.

Your first place is your home. Your second place is the workplace. The "third place" is another location that connects you into a community and facilitates creative interaction. We originally called this episode "A Hardware Store for a New Generation", but after the conversation we realized that the concept of the "Third Place" was more applicable.

Most companies do not have the resources to outfit a standalone location and create a third place, but as Ray said: “Make Your Shop a Destination.”

In our Manufacturing News segment, we discuss an episode of the TV show, “The Good Wife” in relation to an episode about 3D printing.

Ray Ziganto

Do you have a third place to connect with a community and/or get creative?
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