Use Interviews to Discover Your Brand and Get More Business

Episode 105 | Challenges: Growth

Series: Marketing for Makers Guests: Julie Poulos, Kacey Keegan, Jimmy Merritello

How well do you know your customers and their needs? And, how well do you meet those needs? The only way to accurately pinpoint the most important expectations of your clients and how you are performing against them is to hear it directly from them. On today's episode, we talk about interviewing current, prospective and lost clients.

We welcome back Julie Poulos, Kacey Keegan, and Jimmy Merritello with Red Caffeine Marketing+Technology for our MakingChips Marketing Series. They share some valuable information about surveying your clients to help you better understand the collective voice of your customers. In manufacturing news, we'll discuss the current state of the manufacturing economy and efforts to restore U.S. manufacturing to its former glory.

Episode Outline:
[01:11] - DMG Mori
[03:39] - Manufacturing News
[06:16] - MachineMetrics
[07:35] - Welcome Back Julie
[12:40] - Feedback Loop
[15:00] - Great Success Stories
[18:09] - It All Starts with a List
[20:12] - Buying Trigger
[23:00] - Pain Point
[26:12] - Surveys
[28:59] - Buyer’s Persona

Mentioned in this Episode:
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Manufacturing News
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Red Caffeine Marketing + Technology
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Kacey Keegan | LinkedIn
Jimmy Merritello | LinkedIn
Survey Monkey
Red Caffeine Keystakeholder Interviews Question Set Template | PDF Download 

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